Collection: Bliskavka

The Bliskavka is named for our co-founder Mikhail. Fun fact, Bliskavka means "Lightning" in Ukranian! Having made the style first for himself, the creation of these boots marked a turning point in Mikhail's shoe-making skills, so we thought them a fitting debut. The vision that we had for this boot was to take a sleek dress shoe shape and put it into rugged, wearable materials. Kudu is a super tough leather yet it maintains softness and pliability. The hybrid nature of this boot means you can wear it to the office, out to dinner or to church, or ride your motorcycle in them. You might not want to dig trenches in this boot, but you could. It could even be your everyday beater boot if that’s your style. Not only are these boots comfortable and timelessly stylish, they are are Goodyear welted, which means they are built to last a lifetime – when the time comes that you have loved them so hard they start to wear down, they can easily be resoled.