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Bliskavka Zip Up Boot in Russet Kudu

Bliskavka Zip Up Boot in Russet Kudu

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The Bliskavka Zip Up Boot is ARNO's signature boot. Our love of the little known Kudu leather inspired the line and we hope you love it as much as we do! Sizing Guide

Details: 6mm thick Vegetable Tanned Insole; Hybrid Goodyear Welt construction (the welt is stitched directly to the insole without the use of canvas gemming); Vegetable Tanned calf lining with a colorful heel stripe; Kudu uppers from C.F. Stead; Natural midsole; Rubber outsole; YKK or Gold Rubi zipper (btw, check out their site, they’re a Spanish company that was founded in the 1920’s in Spain, the tape is made from entirely recycled polyester).

Care: Occasional brushing and application of conditioner can help keep the leather moisturized and it's need is dependent on your lifestyle, your environment and the frequency of use. Please contact us with any specific questions. If you love your boots as much as we love ours, there may come a time when they need to be resoled. Luckily this is possible as our boots are Goodyear welted. Many other brands have soles that are glued and therefore unable to be resoled, in which case once the sole is damaged, the shoes are no longer usable. 

Wear: The beauty of this boot is that it changes with wear to reveal dynamic shades of brown. Kudu leather stands out as a unique favorite. Sourced from animals that roam the wild, each Kudu hide carries its own distinct scrapes and striations, bearing witness to its untamed life. This means that every pair of boots is one-of-a-kind, telling its own story.

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